HAND-DIPPED CHOCOLATE & FUDGE EGGSSolid Filled Eggs in various flavors are dipped in real, premium Milk Chocolate to create this timeless Easter tradition. With multiple sizes and fillings to choose from, there's enough for an individual serving in an Easter Basket, or larger sizes to share with a group at the Easter table. You can even personalize with a custom name! Find them HERE

CHOCOLATE SMASH EGGS: Start a new Easter tradition with our latest creation! Crack open this one-pound premium milk or dark chocolate egg shell to discover a full pound of assorted bulk candy inside. This item is individually hand-crafted and packaged in a protective shipping/presentation box with a small wooden hammer. Learn more & find it HERE

EASTER OREOSOur Hand-Dipped Chocolate Oreos are decorated for Easter! Find them HERE

SPECIALTY CREATIONS: Seasonal treats featuring Solid Chocolate BunniesLambs, Crosses, Jelly Bean Filled Chocolate Eggs, Chocolate Nests, Bunny Poop, Chocolate Suckers, and much more can be found HERE

EDIBLE CHOCOLATE BASKETSAn edible basket created with real, Premium Milk Chocolate and filled with assorted fresh-made hand-dipped chocolate specialties and foil-wrapped eggs or other novelties. Find this special creation HERE

HOT COCOA BOMBSIt's been the hottest trend, and we're keeping it going for Easter! Find them HERE

SUGAR FREE & REDUCED SUGAR: A sugar-restricted diet doesn’t mean restricting taste for Easter! We can accommodate your special dietary needs with our Sugar-Free & Reduced Sugar Collection, featuring Solid Bunnies & Filled Eggs. Find them HERE

TAYLOR SWIFT GIFT BASKET: Celebrate the cultural phenomenon of Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour with this themed Gift Basket featuring a Souvenir Popcorn Bucket & Drink Cup filled with a variety of sparkly, colorful, delicious things. Find it HERE

BULK CANDYWe have a large variety of new and retro bulk candy to help with your Easter Baskets! Find it all HERE 

BUTTER-CREAM FUDGEUsing the finest ingredients, our rich quality “Butter Cream” fudge is made in small batches to ensure freshness and variety. Sizes start from half-pound samplers to six-pound full slabs. Find it HERE and learn more about Fundraising with Fudge HERE.     

CARAMEL CORN & FLAVORED POPCORNMade with Movie Theater Popcorn, we have a large variety of buttery caramel corn and other specialty flavors. Find it all HERE and learn more about Fundraising with Popcorn HERE or Popcorn Snack Bars for Weddings & Events HERE

GELATO CART CATERINGAre you looking for a unique dessert idea for a Wedding or Special Event? Our Fresh-Made Authentic Gelato (Italian Ice Cream) is available for Full-Service Catering to any location with one of our Mobile Serving Carts. Add the perfect treat to any Wedding Reception, Company Celebration, Graduation Party, or other special day. Learn more here.