To confirm a selling period and request samples click HERE and we'll get your group tentatively scheduled on our production calendar.

Our fudge/popcorn program involves pre-sales and has been very successful for many school and community organizations nationwide. Your group takes orders in advance and you'll earn 50% of all money collected. In addition, for every 10 items any individual sells, they will receive a free item for themselves (this incentive not valid with virtual fundraisers).

All product is made fresh at the time you submit your final order. In most cases, we need approximately 10-14 days to fill orders depending on the order size and our production schedule. Shipping is also available nationwide to any group located outside of our immediate area, and we'll share this cost with you too.

We’ll provide several documents to assist with the selling process, along with a package of starter samples for your group to taste and distribute. This way everyone can enjoy and describe the high quality of our product, which will hopefully lead to more sales...which means higher profits for your group!

Please contact us at 715-369-3451 or with any additional questions – and ask about any other seasonal fundraising opportunities that may be available. Learn more HERE

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