For weddings and special events we have bulk bags of popcorn for snack tables, or individually packaged bags for favors or to distribute in any other way. Below is some detailed guidance for each. For more information please contact us at 715-369-3451 or

Self-Serve Popcorn Snack Bar:

The most challenging part of this process is trying to determine how much popcorn you’ll need. A general rule of thumb for a popcorn bar is to plan for an average of 2 cups per person (this is by volume, and think of a standard kitchen measuring cup for reference), but there are several factors that will affect consumption as listed below.

1. How long will the popcorn be available for guests to eat? At weddings, a popcorn bar is typically used during the cocktail hour or as a late-night snack. If popcorn is only available during cocktails or only as a late-night snack, you may be able to reduce the estimated cups per person because several of your guests may not be present at these times. If popcorn will be available during cocktails but then remain available for guests throughout the night, then you may need to increase the estimated cups per person since they’ll be able to eat over a longer period of time.

2. Will other food or snacks be available at the same time? If yes, you can likely reduce the estimated cups per person. If popcorn will be the only snack item, then you may need to increase the estimated cups per person.

3. What size of container (cup, bowl, bag) will be used for serving? Many guests tend to fill the serving container as much as possible. If the container is larger, be prepared to increase the estimated cups per person.

Other things to consider:

1. Temperature and serving location. If it’s an outdoor wedding in the summer with the possibility of higher heat and humidity, caramel corn and other sweet, candied flavors could become more “sticky” or “chewy” in this type of environment – and we recommend leaning more towards savory flavors. This will not be an issue at indoor/climate-controlled venues or locations.

2. Variety of flavors. We recommend at least 3-6 flavors, depending on your overall guest count. Part of the fun of having a popcorn bar is the variety and opportunity to try several different flavors. However, having too many choices with only a small quantity of each may result in some flavors running out early.

3. Containers and utensils for display and serving. At this time, we don’t offer containers for display (buckets, baskets, bowls, jars, etc.); however, we do offer serving scoops and bags (with or without personalized stickers) at a nominal cost. Some venues may offer display containers to use for a fee, or they may be purchased at home improvement stores, discount stores, etc.

4. End of the night. We often see guests returning to the popcorn bar before they leave for a “to-go” serving for themselves or someone else at home.

5. Transportation. All popcorn will be produced fresh and can either be shipped to you or your venue, or personally delivered depending on our wedding and event schedule for your area on that week.

6. Price. Our largest bulk bags of popcorn are approximately $30-$35 each and contain 40 cups. For a wedding or event with 200 guests, we recommend 10 bags to provide an average of 2 cups per person. This cost is approximately $300-$350 and does not include shipping, scoops, or serving bags.

Individually Packaged Bags:

Depending on your preference, or the protocols of your venue/location, we can offer individually packaged popcorn to place at each table setting or to have available on a separate table for guests to take on their own. We can match any budget to be as elegant or cost-effective as needed, and can customize with popcorn type, personalized stickers, ribbons, bows, etc.

To receive a quote for this option, we'll need a little feedback on the number of bags needed, approximate serving size (in cups, using the description in the popcorn bar section above), whether a personalized label and ribbon/bow are needed, and an approximate budget (per bag, or overall).

For more information please contact us at 715-369-3451 or