Solid Chocolate Hodag Medallions


What exactly is a Hodag???

Just the fiercest, strangest, most frightening monster ever to set razor-sharp claws on this earth, that's all...

And now, we've tamed the wild beast and turned him into chocolate!

The Hodag made his first appearance in Rhinelander, Wisconsin in 1896. Gene Shepard, a local pioneer and timber cruiser, snapped its picture just before the beast sprang at him from a white pine log. At a length of over 7 feet and a height of 30 inches, it has bristly hair and spikes along its backbone and tail. It's vise-like jaws will crush anything unlucky enough to get near its menacing tusks and needle-sharp claws. But you can relax (just a little) because the Hodag will only feast on white bulldogs (and only on Sundays).

Now you too can feast, on one of these 1.5 oz. individually-crafted solid-chocolate creations made exclusively by Fun Factory Sweet Shoppe!